Important! Email transmission is not a secure form of communication. Please do not include any account numbers, social security numbers, or password information in your message.

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Holiday Your Way

We’re glad you’d like to take advantage of our Platinum Visa Credit Card offer.

Here’s how to accept your offer:

  1. Locate your Individual ID# on your direct mail letter or email.
    • a. Direct Mail Letter: You’ll find it under your name in the address label and by the QR code in your letter. Both are the same numbers and listed twice for your convenience.
    • Email: It is located right by the link you took to get to this page.
  2. Click on the ACCEPT MY OFFER button on this page.
  3. Type your FULL NAME and INDIVIDUAL ID# only in this email to accept your offer. (NOTE: Your Individual ID# is a unique code only we know and will allow us to view your offer and process your card request securely. DO NOT provide your member number or any other personal financial information in the email.)
  4. If you plan to transfer a balance to your new card, click on the ACCEPT & TRANSFER button, type in your FULL NAME and INDIVIDUAL ID#, and then press SEND. That will let us know you are accepting the offer, and we need to follow up with you regarding the balance transfer.
  5. Upon receipt of your email, we will process your card. You should receive your card within 10 days.


IMPORTANT: If when you click on ACCEPT MY OFFER or ACCEPT & TRANSFER, you are not redirected immediately to your personal email account, do not worry. You can still easily let us know if you would like to accept your offer. Just email your FULL NAME and INDIVIDUAL ID# directly to from your personal email account. Type either ACCEPT MY OFFER or ACCEPT & TRANSFER in the subject line.

You may also call us at 831-425-7708 or visit any SCCCU to accept the offer, but please have your Individual ID# available to expedite your request.