Woman with daughter filling piggy bank

Savings Account

To save or not to save isn't really much of a question. We all know our savings is key to financial security. So a better question is, "how and where?"

At SCCCU we are committed to strengthening our community. Our savings account includes features to help you "pay yourself first" and earn dividends. More importantly, this account provides access to all the benefits of membership with SCCCU.

Savings Account Details

What you need to know when opening a Savings Account at SCCCU



  • $5 minimum opening deposit
  • $5 minimum balance required to maintain membership
  • $100 minimum balance to waive $2 monthly service fee

Withdrawal Limits

  • Up to six withdrawals free per month
  • If balance is below $300, only one free withdrawal per month
  • $1 for each withdrawal in excess of limit