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Business Highlight - Accountbl

August 12, 2020

For Naseem Nangoli, accounting isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the people behind the numbers. “I think the human interaction component is a huge part of what CPAs do, but it’s often glazed over,” says the founder of Scotts Valley’s Accountbl. “We give holistic advice, not just advice about how to do your books and reporting to file taxes on time."

The Accountbl team provides its clients (which range from individuals to restaurants, IT start-ups, construction firms and cannabis companies) with year-round support tailored to the businesses’ specific needs. “We perform a very diverse set of functions for our clients, including financial, HR, and payroll-related services," says Nangoli, who has over 20 years of experience practicing public accounting.

From a payroll standpoint, this means helping companies pay their employees, deposit taxes, and streamline their existing systems, all while adjusting to changing payroll laws in real-time to ensure clients avoid hefty penalties down the road.

When dealing with financials, the Accountbl team brings years of experience in tax law, back-office  infrastructure, accounting and reporting processes, with a commitment to meet clients wherever they may be. “There are some entrepreneurs who love accounting and want to stay on top of it. In that case, they just need someone to look at their books quarterly or monthly to stay aligned, and we’re happy to do that,,” says Nangoli. “If someone is brand new or starting from scratch, we take a different approach." 

On the human side of things, Accountbl offers clients a robust set of HR services on an as-needed basis, providing companies all the benefit of a full-time Human Resources Department, without the high price tag. “We deal with employee disputes and complaints and how to positively reward people,” says Nangoli. “When you have an outside HR firm, they tend to be a little more candid. (Employees) feel we are more objective and they’re able to bring issues to us - and I'm not afraid to discuss important issues with clients."  

Because Accountbl works so closely with its clients, it often works closely with its clients' banking institutions as well. This was especially true when the coronavirus pandemic hit and companies needed to quickly secure PPP loans. “Our clients were working with several different banks and we were advising them through those steps with various banks, both large and small. But Santa Cruz Community Credit Union was different,” Nangoli says. “When a person is in front of you, that person should be the center of the universe - and that's how they operate at the Credit Union." 

Nangoli was so taken by the care that Santa Cruz Community Credit Union showed to her clients that she chose to do Accountbl’s banking there, too. “It really reduces your stress when you know that a financial institution is there for you and is accessible."

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