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New Senior Team Complete at SCCCU

February 10, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Santa Cruz Community Credit Union (SCCCU) has officially completed designing our senior executive team.
"Since 2020 was an “all hands-on deck” year to support the financial needs of our credit union members and our community, I am excited to announce the new Senior Team at Santa Cruz Community Credit Union," stated Beth Carr, President/CEO of SCCCU. “We’ve assembled a dynamic team of individuals persistent in their efforts to support our membership and community,” stated Beth Carr, President/CEO of SCCCU. “It’s going to be an exciting year and beyond!”
The following individuals make-up SCCCU’s executive team: Annie Song, Chief Financial Officer;  Ed Cross, Chief Information Officer, Everardo Munoz, Vice President of Member Services; Richard Cooper, Executive Vice President and Katie Fairbairn, Vice President of Communications and Organizational Development.
“Annie, Ed, Everardo, and I are long-time SCCCU employees and have dedicated ourselves to create the strategies and processes needed for increased resources for our Credit Union members. We’ve also developed strong relationships with many community members, non-profits, and businesses,” explained Carr. “Richard joined our team in March 2019, and has added a lot of energy and 40-plus years of credit union expertise to Santa Cruz Community Credit Union. Our most recent hire is Katie Fairbairn (January 2021), bringing with her over 30 years of expertise in communications and organizational development.”
Carr stated that she is incredibly grateful to have such a skilled and committed team leading and guiding the Credit Union. “Our focus is always on how we can serve our members in the best way possible. I could not be happier that we have such a great team of people who genuinely care about making a difference in our members’ lives and in our community.”
SCCCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means it’s member-owned. Carr explained that back in 1977, the founders of SCCCU crafted its guiding principles around improving the quality of life for every individual in the community, establishing equity and promoting economic justice. “I can proudly say we’ve continued that grassroots belief, and when we make decisions at SCCCU, we do so through the lens of how it will impact our members,” stated Carr.
SCCCU’s recent accomplishments speak for themselves. In 2020, the Credit Union gave back nearly $180,000 to the community, launched its “Return the Favor” campaign to encourage our community to support non-profits on the front line of COVID, funded over $12.4 million in PPP loans to local small businesses (saving 1,400 local jobs), partnered with the City of Santa Cruz to deliver an additional $500,000 in microbusiness loans to struggling businesses, and was named Business Partner of the Year by The Diversity Center. They also created an emergency COVID loan program and sponsored two local non-profits who received over $37,000 each from the Federal Home Loan Bank through the Credit Union’s sponsorship.  
"This year, we’ll continue to focus on making our members’ lives better during these significantly difficult times.  We continually ask our team and our Board, can we do more? That is our current mantra,” stated Carr. “We want our members to be able to access us wherever they are, and more importantly, we genuinely want each member to feel a part of our community — we don’t want anyone to feel left out.”