Financial Education

One of our biggest priorities is to assist our community with opportunities that enrich knowledge about everyday financial matters that help acheive financial goals and life dreams. SCCCU provides a variety of financial education opportunities for members, schools, and community organizations in Santa Cruz County and northern Monterey County. Our financial literacy solutions are provided in convenient online, in-person, and by-phone options.

Get Solutions to Help Get You Ahead!

UPWARD Program - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for SCCCU's newest financial education program, available completely online! Achieve financial education program provides an engaging learning experience through a series of interactive modules designed to deliver immediate knowledge, online and mobile The personalized learning experience is centered around a robust content library to support your goals and needs.


HELP FOR PARENTS WITH K-12 STUDENTS IS HERE! We are thrilled to offer you access to 20+ digital courses for students in grades K-12 on critical topics including financial education, mental wellness, compassion, digital wellness, and more. These resources are available for a limited time during this period of widespread school closures.

The FAMILY PORTAL isn't just for SCCCU Members, it's for students and families in our community, so please share this fun and educational resource with your friends and family!

Signing up for this content is easy! Here are the four steps you need to take:

● Visit the EVERFI Family Portal

● Select your state

● Select your child’s school name

● Receive the full catalog of age-appropriate courses for your child

More About Us and EVERFI
SCCCU's new partnership with global education technology leader EVERFI, we are bringing provide financial education in the classroom to high school students in our community as part of our community engagement efforts. Today, we are delighted to be able to offer EVERFI’s full suite of K-12 courses families in our community.

As the nation’s non-profit financial coach for more than 45 years, Balance has been helping people attain fiscal peace of mind. SCCCU members are provided with FREE services that promote financial security through one-on-one Counseling Services, including Debt Management, Budget Management, Credit Report Review and more. Not to mention, Balance's timely webinars and online articles help with everyday stresses and help you plan for great futures.

Upcoming Balance Webinars 


• July 14 & 23 – Psychology of Spending

• August 11 & 20 – Federal Student Aid with FAFSA for Teens

TIP: If you don't find a time that fits your schedule, still register to watch after the webinar! 

Website or Call 800-777-PLAN (7526)

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o llame al 800-777-PLAN (7526)

Live Workshops

Being out in our community, teaching others about everyday financial subjects is our passion. Let us help make sense of it all, especially the basics. Contact Dyann Meschi, Community Development Manager, to find out how we can bring no-cost financial literacy to your organization.

Financial Foundations Workshops Topics
Banking Basics
Credit Scores & Reports
Identity Theft
Considering Homeownership

Dyann Meschi, Community Development Manager